Rereading Cujo *Spoilers*

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Sep 8, 2011
The Netherlands
One thing I've always wondered about this book is why it doesn't have chapters or anything like that. It's like the book is just one long chapter. Just about to start re-reading it actually.
According to Bev Vincent it originally had chapters but King took them out:

No chapters in Cujo? : stephenking

What I get from King's answer is that he feels that without chapters it hit harder.

I think I wouldn't mind if more books were without chapters, apart from maybe the really long ones. The problem with chapters in fiction is that it takes me out of the story, chapters make it feel 'book-ish'. Often when I didn't finish a book it's at the end of a chapter I stopped and just didn't read on. Without chapters you're more compelled to read all of it, because it feels more like you didn't finish something if you put it away at a certain point.
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