Review of Thinner Movie

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Jan 10, 2018
Thanks for answering my question. I just thought from the previous poster that it might have been a short story. Cause they said that they think it would have been better as part of a Creepshow like movie instead of a single movie.

Condensed ...yes!
I'm sure the book must be WAYYY better,but that applies to a lot of movies..
As they say.."Cash is King!"


Nov 16, 2017
I loved the movie! It was fun. It was good trash, like 'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls'. :) Full of nice performances. Joe Mantegna and the guy playing the old Gypsy shaman were standouts.

The highlight of the movie was Joe Mantegna, who of course had too little screen time. Also worth noting that his character Richie was probably the most moral character in a movie full of rotten people with little or no morals. He went all in to repay his debt/favor to Billy Halleck. A good friend to have on your side for that sort of predicament. He helped Billy get the curse lifted or at least put into a pie.