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John Excell II

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May 4, 2015
Wolfjaw Ranch

The Wolfjaw Ranch is a scene from Stephen King's Revival.

The ranch is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in the US state of Colorado. From Nederland the Caribou Road leads to the grounds. The majority of them also works 1992-2014 as farm animals, mainly horses, as Bartleby, Jamie Morton's favorite animal.

But Haupteinnamequelle the ranch is the large production facility on the premises. Several studios in parallel to receive and process albums. As Jamie Morton 1992 arrives, is hired ervon Hugh Yates. The ranch was owned by Yates father and eventually serve him for many well-known albums.

Morton is Yates right hand. If there is no other request by famous artists, Morton takes the sound tracks of musicians, mix them up and brings them together to the finished pieces. If necessary, he jumps as a guest musician for bands that have no rhythm guitarist. With moderate success, because some bands want it explicitly.

After the events at Skytop in summer of 2014 the ranch goes under. Yates succumbs to the effects of Charles Jacobs healing. His fortune is divided on Morton and Brianna Donlin. Morton allows a very quiet and pleasant retirement in Hawaii. Whether Brianna redeems the property is unclear. Also what to Yates's happening with the terrain and the animals death, is never clarified.
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Mar 30, 2011
Its hard to rate a King book as most of them are very good....I would say probably 8 or 9 in my all time favs....but that can of my fav is "The Dark Half" and 11/22/63
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Sunlight Gardener

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Jul 22, 2013
Ok, I feel the need to come back and post this because I have sort of bashed Revival on several occasions by saying I didn't find anything scary about it and that it didn't leave any impression on me. A few weeks ago and I bought the Audiobook and gave it another go round. Audiobooks usually help me on a book that I found dry and not noteworthy...I guess I can concentrate more on it by not having to slog through material I didn't originally care for that much. Revival did have several interesting parts in it and I did get more out of it this time.

I liked the character transition of Charlie throughout the book and especially the "terrible sermon". I did get creeped out once at the end during the "Revival" scene. I completely forgot about that part and grudgingly admit that it was kinda scary.

All in all Revival still isn't one of my favorites by SK but it moved from the bottom to somewhere around the middle of the pack.
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Aug 9, 2015
Hmm, that question made me think that I never really sat down to determine my Top 10 SK books. I can definitely say the Top 5: Salem's Lot, The Stand, Pet Sematary, The Dead Zone, Christine. Revival would probably rank somewhere in the Top 15. I think it's a great book with the best kick-in-balls, no-holds-barred ending since Pet Sematary. It was the first SK book I read where when I got to the penultimate chapter, I had to put aside the book for a full day before my nerves recovered to finish the conclusion. The whole reason I sought out this forum was to talk about that book. I love it when King is merciless.
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Nov 19, 2011
san diego
Not fair!
Im still engulfed in it!
Top ten for sure 4 me!!