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Well-Known Member
Oct 29, 2017
True, I never thought about it like that. Judging by his latest pics, it can still absolutely work. Another question I've got is based on the mini-series. I haven't reached this far in the book yet. I know in the mini-series Bill visits Georgie's grave at the beginning of the second half when he arrives in Derry. I am going to presume it's this way in the book. I wonder if during the hiatus between the 2 halves if they find Georgie's remains, and have some kind of funeral for him before leaving Derry. I wonder if they might have some kind of new twist for Georgie for the second half.
In the book George's remains (with the exception of the arm) never went missing.


Bill and Georgie Fan
Sep 17, 2017
In the book George's remains (with the exception of the arm) never went missing.
I know ;), thats one of the changes to the plot for the movie. My point was that I'm curious IF they ever found his remains, and have a funeral for him. Since I'm sure Georgie's death still affects Bill as an adult. I'm sure he's going to play a role in the 2nd half. To me it's just a question of if it's going to be new footage(like for the final confrontation), or just old footage used, or never before seen(if not included with the director's cut).
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