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Aloysius Nell

Well-Known Member
Apr 1, 2014
Reply, without spoiler:

You make a vampire by biting your innocent and drinking their blood (if that's a spoiler for anyone, come out from under that rock and look around!) The situation you point out is something different and made him "unclean." I'm not sure if that is a Catholic concept or a Vampire Lore concept, being well versed in neither. I would lean toward the former since the Catholic church, like the Old Testament Israelites / New Testament Jews, is enamored with ritual and tradition.

Doc Creed

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Nov 18, 2015
United States
Finished this yesterday and I have a daft question where I may have just missed the point, anyway

Barlow defeats Father Callahan and forces him to drink his blood. Why isn;t he turned into a Vampire and left to make good his escape on a bus to New York and eventually make his way on to Roland's world?
You're not the first to ask this, so don't feel daft. I believe this is touched upon, if not answered outright, in the later DT books. Wolves of the Calla to be exact. But I'll let the other King folken answer. I do think it is tacitly connected to Callahan's faith, but not sure.

César Hernández-Meraz

Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry
May 19, 2015
Aguascalientes, Mexico
I think in this novel a vampire's bite is what turns people.

In this case, drinking his blood left him "marked", unclean, no longer fit as a man of faith. That was Barlow's punishment for Callahan, and that is why he left him live/leave.

Edit: Heh. I never noticed this second page full of replies was already here.
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