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Scariest Book!

Discussion in ''Salem's Lot' started by MandarkC, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. clyee0227

    clyee0227 Active Member

    I'm laughing at your post because it hits home with me. I read "Carrie" in the 4th grade and I remember thinking "Wow! He just says it like it is...curse words and all!" Oh yea, I was hooked at that point. I think I read Cujo, Firestarter, Christine, and Pet Cemetery before I hit Salem's Lot. And although I had read all of those, Salem's Lot has been the only book to ever give me a nightmare. To this very day. I loved it. Pet Cemetery is creepy as hell too though...but you can say that about all of his books. It's really really hard to pick a favorite.
    You guys agree?
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  2. clyee0227

    clyee0227 Active Member

    I've read it 8 times so far and it's just as scary every single time I read it. It's been a long while since the last time, but I would absolutely LOVE for them to consider a film adaptation done of it up to the same caliber that "It" was done. I was highly impressed by that movie. But Salem's Lot remains the only book to date to cause me to have a nightmare and that's an incredible feat....lol. I get so into Stephen King's books that I'll read for hours and hours into the night, but reading it in an old Army barracks that was pretty much abandoned well, I just don't know if I could have done that. That really had to be creepy!!
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  3. clyee0227

    clyee0227 Active Member

    I agree with you. While "Dreamcatcher" was a great book (as all of SK's books are), it didn't terrorize me as much as some of his others.
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  4. clyee0227

    clyee0227 Active Member

    I did the same thing when reading his books when I was in school. I would go to school with 2 or 3 hours of sleep because I just couldn't put them down. Especially 'Salem's Lot'. What was going on in Salem's Lot was more important than sleep of course! I read 'Carrie' in 4th grade and was hooked from that point on. I remember going to the book store with my dad and knowing exactly what I was there to get...my new Stephen King book. I'd start reading it in there and have a good chunk of it read before my dad was ready to leave....lol. (He's a very avid reader and would spend forever in there, which I didn't mind.) I absolutely loved 'The Mist' myself and have reread that one quite a few times too. It was definitely the best story in 'Skeleton Crew' by far. Of course I'll never ever forget 'Survivor Type' when
    this guy was literally eating himself to stay alive.
    That one stuck with me....lol. I actually just read that Stephen King said adaptations of 'The Stand' and 'Salem's Lot' could be up next! 'The Stand as an extended television series (possibly on Showtime) and 'Salem's Lot' as a feature.
    I'm in agreement with you though.....'Cujo' was scary too....and 'The Shining'....and 'The Stand'...and....if I keep that up I'll be typing up a list of all his books.....lol.
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  5. César Hernández-Meraz

    César Hernández-Meraz Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry

    Same here. Sadly, I rarely remember if I had dreams or nightmares. I suppose I do, since they ay we always dream, but I wish I could remember my (bad) dreams.
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  6. MandarkC

    MandarkC Active Member

    I actually didn't find the Shining to be that scary! I loved Kubrick's version which I watched before ever reading the books (for some reason it didn't connect in my head for YEARS that the Shining was actually in book form first, even though I knew it was based off a book...yea...super slow lol). But then I read the book and it made so much sense and added so many layers to the story. So I wasn't so much scared as incredibly fascinated. I love both the book and the movie so much!
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  7. Devourer

    Devourer Member

    Scary, no, but I also can't remember a time when I wasn't into monsters. The only thing that freaked me out as a youngster was clowns, especially ones who like to hang out in gutters.
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