Season 3, episode 2: huh?

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carrie's younger brother

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Mar 8, 2012
What did you all think? I'm really disliking the added ??? raised with this episode. I am starting to think Big Jim will come out on top when it's all over. He seems to be the only rational one right now. And I dislike the character of Barbie even more this season. Such a smug SOB. And don't get me started with whatshername the psychiatrist/anthropoligist/whatever. I've always liked Marg Helgenberger as an actress (way back to the soap Ryan's Hope, in fact) but she is annoying in this role. I really think it's the bad writing.
Mar 12, 2010
Today I've read a post I liked really much, it said: "The most interesting thing in these three episodes is the developing relationship between Big Jim and the dog"... I guess I agree with the person who wrote this :biggrin2:

lol... When I saw that dog, I thought, "Oh great, it's bad enough the writers can't follow the novel's storyline, Now they have King confused with Koontz" :confused: