Should I get a Kindle?

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Feb 18, 2012
I see three advertised on Amazon:
Kindle Fire
Kindle paper white
Kindle oasis
Fire is what I have. I love it and use it for reading and some silly games when I am bored. As others have said it's more tablet-ish.

As for books, I get a lot of books from that are free or $2 or less. I also use my local libraries and can often borrow books for 2 weeks that way. Never at a loss to find something to read. Let us know what you decide.


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Jul 10, 2006
Just north of Duma Key
I see three advertised on Amazon:
Kindle Fire
Kindle paper white
Kindle oasis
I have the Fire table basic $50 I can read book, watch movies, listen to music. I can also do email ,weather apps, games, and access internet and SKMB. Now that is an accomplishment for non techno me. It now has Alexa, tho I haven;t graduated to using that yet. It is backlit so I can read at night. Can not beat the price for all it does.



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Mar 23, 2007
That price can never be beat.
My mother-in-law had one, can't remember what make or model it was but she rarely used it, she preferred holding a real paper and ink book in her hands. I'm much the same, I just love the feel of a book, I'll take a torn page or a damaged dust jacket over a kindle screen any day of the week.
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