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Nov 15, 2010
You can never say that !redruM is a liar! Like I said/posted (a few month ago, oopps! :oops:), I have an Ex-Library rental of 'Salem's Lot. Here's the pics as thumbnails (had to crop them so they would fit), followed by the exact post.
1205131645.jpg 1205131646.jpg 1205131647.jpg 1205131647a.jpg

I found a reprint copy at my local library signed by Stephen King! Granted, it said it was printed in the 1990's, but before the copyright pages, I saw that there was a Doubleday Memo/Note sheet, only a few inches in width and length, with his signature written across!

I asked some of the librarians later if they could do their best to 'authenticate' the autograph (luckily one of the two I was talking to was a huge fan of King!), and after a few minutes of them staring and mumbling to each other, they said it looked real! :)

They told me that all I had to do if I wanted to keep it was buy a replacement hardcover copy, and that'd be that! So now I have a copy of 'S.L., with the 'LIBRARY' stamp marks all crossed out and 'DISCARDED' stamped all over it, complete with checkout slip pocket and protective dust jacket wrap! Best $30 I ever spent! xD

Just in case no one believes me, I'll work on posting some pictures in a separate thread soon! :)


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May 24, 2012
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Oh, yeah. I'd also appreciate it if any of you can vouch for its authenticity, and share your own SKAutoPics & stories! Thanks for being patient! :)
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