So much Potential?

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Oct 28, 2019
About Children of the Corn in terms of a massive potential theme…

Granted maybe I’m missing the point of horror, or that in fact the horror of yesterday is the si fi of today tomorrow

(The idea of destroying the old… until and perhaps especially in the future of robotic humanity…)

Consider thus:

- Most larger company owners have kin awaiting inheritance, or are those not going to be receiving anything

- Oil is about to go, and all the old blood that controls it, they have always fought green?

- In the 1970’s, the kinds of tyrannical laws the police could use to control society is a memory within all old police

- The amount of abortion is greater than birth, or states that kill parents for children never born, wow imagine they killed for environments in which children are ever born, eek!

- That parents are negligent to the point of medical needs for percentages of the population to maintain normalcy

- The use of kids to destroy others, by gangs, in wars, by authority perhaps

- The FBI and CIA, within last 4 years, testifying over and over again how they think their career long target nation are evil, stated repetitiously over and over like they are some kind of faith

- That people should maybe wonder why the elections would not be fixed, they can’t even control anything if we see media… as in… it’s an entire system? Or these political parties… and among them... voila… the youth have emerging ideas and the old have special permissions to destroy others

- That cgi can now do what was impossible, and that media allows new insanities of what children of the corn might look like

- And as a satire… of people who want us all to fight the system, yet their solution would be for us to have no technology, no government… probably no faith… or that which reaffirms them etc…

- That children of the corn… could include corn shipped globally… Total pandemic.. maybe the insane ravages of the monstrous parents are enough for the children to fight them… and perhaps at an age the monster comes out…. Like diseases based within the life cycle… perhaps when glands activate etc…

These Ideas are King’s if he so chooses to be inspired, use, or otherwise cultivate

Cheers and warm regards
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Not completely obtuse
Nov 14, 2013
Poconos, PA
Since Stephen King has taken back the US rights to Children of the Corn, amongst other works, he can sell them all over again and they can come up with another 8 movies with new stories. Capitalism at its best!