Someone summoned an Australian!

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New Member
Aug 1, 2019
Hi all, I didn't even know this site/forum existed!
I've loved Stephen King books since I was a kid (in the 80's) but haven't really looked for anything fan related for any of the authors I like so am glad I found this.
I googled how to contact Stephen King and found a thread that mentioned instructions on how to summon him, and then a link on how to summon an Australian.
Well I'm an Australian, so I guess someone clicked on the link:D

I do have something to ask a moderator about regarding contact with the man himself, so would greatly appreciate a PM from a moderator.
I know it seems random, and you probably get it all the time, but I do have what I feel is a legitimate reason for requesting such contact I'd be happy to relate my reasons by private messaging.

Other than that, I look forward to exploring this site and seeing what it and other fans are about!
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