Spoilers: Connections to other works

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Feb 27, 2018
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The Dark Tower III

The Waste Lands

Mention of the Turtle being an important Guardian set by the Great Old Ones. The Turtle Maturin also appears in the novel It.

Henry tells Eddie a story about 2 kids found dead in a haunted house. Their hair had turned white. Also happens to Nadine Cross in The Stand, Henry Bowers in It, a mention of an occurrence in Gray Matter, to Ricky in The Jaunt and to Sam in The Library Policeman.

The Ka-Tet comes across a decrepit Nazi plane. It would have got lost by crossing through a portal into their current world. Reminiscent of what happens in The Langoliers.

Return of the man in black, also known as Richard Fannin, or even Randall Flagg (So far also appears in The Stand and The Eyes of the Dragon). Also refers to his old friend The Trash Can Man « My life for you » from The Stand.

Blaine the Train compared to « Oz the Great and Terrible » this is also referee to several times in Pet Semetary.
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