Stanley Hotel, you're doing it wrong.

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Officious Little Prick

Well-Known Member
Aug 28, 2014
Broken Arrow, OK
Stanley Hotel Wants You to Design Its New The Shining Maze

So the Stanley Hotel, which was the inspiration behind King's book THE SHINING, and was featured on-screen in the problematic '90s miniseries, wants to commission construction of a hedge maze, which can be found nowhere in the novel this hotel inspired, and was instead invented by Stanley Kubrick for his movie version of THE SHINING, which uses the Timberline Hotel, not the Stanley, in its exterior shots.



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Mar 30, 2011
The Maze is so cool in the film....its iconic... and its really creepy when Jack is looking at the model version in the hotel and he sees Wendy and Danny walking through the centre of the maze....also Jacks "blank stare" sends shivers down my spine....the creepy eerie music in the film is scary and adds to the dark atmosphere of the film...
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In the flesh.
Sep 1, 2014
Thought some might like to see the hedge maze. It ain't much. It's a little less than the width of the main hotel and the depth is not enough to get lost in either. A poor imitation of the one in the movie.

My granddaughter in the shot. We visited this past May.

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