Stephen King Books Quiz (General- Part Two) SPOILERS

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Doc Creed

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Nov 18, 2015
United States
They came close to death but lived to tell the tale. I will give you the manner in which they almost died. You supply the character's name. This moderate level quiz is for the die-hard fans only since there are tons of spoilers. Have fun. :cool:

1. Choking on a McDonald's hamburger.
Leigh Cabot. Christine was a jealous lady.

2. His foot was amputated, but that was only the beginning...
Paul Sheldon. (Thankfully, Annie cut off only one thumb. As a writer, Paul would need those typing fingers, LOL.

3. Bit and mauled by a rabid dog.
Donna Trenton. Cujo's victims included: Bannerman, Gary Pervier, Joe Camber, and Donna's son, Tad.

4. She is dehydrated and nearly bleeds to death from a self-inflicted hand wound.
Jessie Burlingame. She "degloves" herself to escape a pair of handcuffs.

5. Let's just say he's "once bitten, twice shy". He grabs his crucifix and hops a bus out of town.
Father Callahan.

6. He breaks his leg in the unforgiving desert and almost dies from infection and a snowstorm.
Stu Redman. He lives, thanks to Tom, Kojak...and Nick.

7. A gypsy curse. Not a diet of choice.
Billy Halleck.

8. He was attacked and stabbed but what can you say? Some librarians won't stay down.
Mike Hanlon.

9. He thought his job would be stocking groceries and playing taxi driver. Uh huh. He avoids death by thinking on his feet and facing down an ancient evil. Not bad for a college student. And you thought your job was hard.
Jack Cantori.

10. Out of the ten, she probably gets off the hook too easily. Hers is survivor's guilt. Well, she did watch her friends and town burn to the ground.
Sue Snell.
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