Stephen King character popularity contest: Pre-Show (READ OP)

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Aug 20, 2016
1: Randall Flagg
2: Roland
3: Dolores Claiborne
4:Annie Wilkes
6:Kurt Barlow
8:Jack Sawyer
9:Andre Lionge
10:Eddie Dean
11:Tom Cullen 'O LAAAAAAWS'
12:Nick Andros
13:Oy the Brave of Mid-World
15: Pennywise The Dancing Clown
16:Ben Hanscomb
17:John Coffey
18:Ralph Roberts
19:Arnie Cunningham
21:Bill Denbrough
22:Mr. Jingles
23:Ben Mears
24:Johnny Smith
25: Danny Torrance
26:Rosie Daniels
27:Wendy Torrance
28: Paul Sheldon
29:Jim Gardener
30:Brutus Howell
31:Jake Epping
32:Edward Freemantle
33:Mike Noonan
34:Trashcan Man
35:Ted Brautigan
36: Jesse Burlingame

Add ons-

37: Brady Hartsfield
38: Charles Jacobs
39: Devin Jones
40: Mike Enslin
41: Rose the Hat
42: Richie Tozier
43: Cuthbert
44: Jake Chambers
45: John Coffey
46: Andy Dufresne
47: Peter McVries
48: Red (Shawshank)
49: Sussanah Dean
50: Alan Pangborne
51: Larry Underwood (c'mon)
52: annnd someone else I dont know lol

Alright that should be enough to start. I'll add more though if people throw more suggestions but we got more then enough now lol
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Sep 3, 2016
Beverly Marsh (It)
Mike Hanlon (It, Insomnia)
Eddie Kaspbrak (It)
Henry Bowers (It)
Stu Redman (The Stand)
Nadine Cross (The Stand)
Lloyd Henreid (The Stand)
Harold Lauder (The Stand)
Glen Bateman (The Stand)
Polly Chalmers (Needful Things)
Leland Gaunt (Needful Things)
Norris Ridgewick (The Dark Half, Needful Things)
Danforth "Buster" Keeton (Needful Things)
Reverend Willy Rose (Neeful Things)
Brian Rusk (Needful Things)
George Stark (The Dark Half)
Bobbi Anderson (Tommyknockers)
Ruth McCausland (Tommyknockers)
Ev Hillman (Tommyknockers)
Charlie McGhee (Firestarter)
Lois Chasse (Insomnia)
Sadie Dunhill (11/22/63)
Ardelia Lortz (Library Policeman, Four Past Midnight)
Johny Marinville (Desperation version)
Collie Entragian (Desperation version)


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Jun 19, 2016
Derry, NH
Danny Torrence
Danny Glick
Holley Gibney
Lisey Landon
George Stark
Thad Beaumont
Ben Mears
Mark Petrie
Nadine Cross
Nick Andros
Jerome Robinson
Ben Mears
Stu Redmond
Harold Lauder
Trashcan Man
Jud Crandal
Victor Pascow (Paxcal)
The narrator of On Writing