Stranger Things Season 3

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I go Boo.....
Mar 20, 2019
The third season is getting closer and closer to being tossed onto Netflix. They're going with July 4th I believe which seems odd since a lot of people will be out doing the party thing but on the bright side, less people on Netflix means the server won't be hammered. I still haven't finished season 2 and I have no idea why, just haven't been in the mood to watch it since I've been watching the Flash, Riverdale, Supernatural, and a few other shows but those are all over for the season so now I'll finally get a chance to watch them, I think. Season 3 takes place in 1985 since they didn't air the season in the fall like they normally do so its hard to tell what they'll be into since the year the seasons take place play a role in their interests. Gotta enjoy the show while it lasts, quite a few of them are getting more and more big film roles and sooner or later they may decide to drop out of the show to focus primarily on films.
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