Summer Thunder

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New Member
Oct 14, 2016
The end was so heartbreaking for me bc because Timlin reminded me of Glen from The Stand. And when he pulled on Gandalf's fur, I had pure and unadulterated belief that Gandalf would be the folks from The Stand. It broke my heart just 2 pages later. I felt betrayed and my heart hurt with every word after that.

Paddy C

All Hail The KING...
Sep 18, 2017
Drogheda, Ireland
I bought the book ages ago but only finished reading it this morning. Genuinely had a lump in my throat after reading Summer Thunder.
My paranoia levels are also now on high alert again especially with the Goons in charge around the World and the actual WMDs at their disposal. Yikes!

Couldn't help remembering Graduation Afternoon while reading Summer Thunder btw. That tale gave me nightmares!
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