the Bowery Sundown in The Fifth Step

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May 26, 2015
I am reading The Fifth Step, and have questions:
"(Jack met Randy)Met a guy at the Bowery Sundown meeting and really liked the stuff he said."

“I liked this guy I met at the Sundown, so I got up my courage after a meeting and asked him to be my sponsor.

This wasn’t true, and Jamieson reflected that it was good he didn’t have the alcohol problem, because according to the TV meetings he’d attended, honesty was a big deal if you did.

1. Bowery Sundown is a sponsor in AA?
2. In the second sentence "at the Sundown", here it is a place?
3. Meeting in red refers to the event held by AA?
4. TV meetings are meeting in which AA member watch TV for sobering?

Thank you.


Ms. Mod
Jul 10, 2006
The Bowery is an area of New York City and Sundown would be a reference to the time of day for that particular AA meeting.

I'd have to look back at the story itself to see the context about TV meetings to answer that one.