The Dark Tower Remake I would choose...

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Dec 24, 2018
Some version of Earth
I didn't enjoy The Dark Tower movie mostly because they tried to stuff seven novels into a two-hour movie. Plus I didn't understand why they didn't begin with the first novel with the first words: "The man in black crossed the desert and the gunslinger followed". I mean that opening line got me hooked on the series like a heroin addict and it should have been that line which should have begun the movie and not that narration Lord of The Rings copy. They basically ruined the entire franchise right at the beginning of the movie with "a dark tower stands at the edge..." The choice of actors to play Roland and Walter were in my opinion, not the best choices (don't get me wrong both Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba are outstanding actors and have the credentials to back it up) and the entire movie felt like a different story altogether.

So if I was to have free reign to choose my dream cast Scott Eastwood to play Roland and Clint Eastwood to play Steven. The man I imagined Roland to be is a cross between Stephen King and Clint Eastwood.


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Jan 24, 2017