The Institute reminds me of The Fury

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Sep 8, 2011
The Netherlands
I love The Fury. It hasn't become such a classic as De Palma's Carrie perhaps, but on its own it's very good. It just has one of the most bizarre endings of any horrorfilm; it ends with one of the main characters just exploding. Nothing more after that, that's just the last scene of the movie. De Palma is known for ending quite a lot of his films (especially the thrillers/horrorfilms) with some sort of shock-effect, but even by his standards it's quite a strange ending. I suppose it just shows the ultimate effect of the special powers, and that's what they wanted to end the movie on.

The screenplay was actually written by the author of the book, John Farris. The book came out shortly after Carrie. It's clear De Palma wanted to explore similar terrain as in Carrie.
I don't know it though. Has anyone here read it? Is it comparable to King or is it a very different take on a similar theme?
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