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The Long Walk is on a different level

Discussion in 'The Long Walk' started by Gamecrazy500, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Devourer

    Devourer Member

    Strangely it seems even more existential and mature when compared to his more recent work. Makes you wonder why he even bothered with The Running Man... The Long Walk is certainly in my top three or four books by King.
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  2. not_nadine

    not_nadine Comfortably Roont

    Old post. But the story is outstanding. Nothing to do with hunger games.
    It will make you tired and your feet will hurt while reading it.

    For sure. You will suffer along.
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  3. Tilly

    Tilly Well-Known Member

    I've discussed this story to so many people who aren't necessarily King Fans. The whole concept makes for interesting conversations. Then, there's how the story is told.
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