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The Null: key and door questions

Discussion in 'Revival' started by AaronMcC, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. AaronMcC

    AaronMcC Member

    I have a hard time conceptualizing how/why Jamie was the key and Mary was the door to the Null. I understand the protagonist must be a key part of the story (no pun intended), but it makes more sense to me that the circlet or lightning (the electricity) was the key. They were what "unlocked" Mary and turned her into a "door". Although I love King, unfortunately I have a hard time enjoying a story when part of it doesn't make logical sense to me. I also found it difficult to visualize how a claw could be made up of human faces. I could maybe do some rereading but I rented the book on audio and have since returned it. The final question I have is when was De Virmis Mysteriis first mentioned. Jaime talks to Bri about it, but I don't remember how he found out about it in the first place. Thanks for any answers or clarification you all may have!
  2. AaronMcC

    AaronMcC Member

    I like the scenario that Jamie was just a witness due to Charlie's ill health and need for an assistant better. Then he got the attention of Mother by saying "no" and shutting the door with the gunshots. Maybe I misunderstood what Charlie said about Jamie being the key and the necessity of him being there in order for the Revival to work.

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