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The OFFICIAL King Kon 2014 thread

Discussion in 'Chattery Teeth (Other)' started by Spideyman, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    Neesy . I didn't go through all the post, so Scott may have changed. He would have the last words. What I found was still in planning stages.
  2. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    UPDATE on Lodging-- please ignore my previous post #556 as it is outdated. hossenpepper and Neesy
    Here is what Scott posted:

    ..you are welcome to join us honey, and we may be hosting Hoss as well if he's able to make it(we treasure our moments in Maine as well)....and as a side note, Tracy and I booked a room with two Queen beds at the Travel Lodge on Hanley Road in Mansfield...so if anyone would like to join us there, please do!...it's rated pretty well, and averaged about a hundred a night...we found it through Expedia...
  3. hossenpepper

    hossenpepper Don't worry. I have a permit!!!

    OK, so everything is happening in Mansfield. I thought the tour was the only thing there and the rest would be near Giant's abode. Alright, I have the needed info now.
  4. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Okay! I finally found it! (I had to go back to the beginning of the thread and finally found this one on page 10, post # 181.

    I just called Scott twice in the space of the last 20 minutes or so but had to leave a voice mail - he is either sleeping or working and can't pick up his cell. (Hey that is funny - his cell - get it? - he works in a prison)

    Any-who it looks like it IS the Travelodge after all, and we got a good rate - only 217 bucks including taxes and that is from July 18th to the 21st, so four days. We are on vacation the week after that so no rush getting back to Winnipeg :m_cruise: :m_photo: It should be a nice trip for us!
    (that is much cheaper than Country Inn and Suites which was going for 159 dollars per night)
  5. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Thanks Spidey - I did not see your post until after I pushed reply to that other old post. Scott has such a "radio announcer" voice - even though we did not talk in person it was cool to hear his message on his voice mail! :m_phone:
  6. hossenpepper

    hossenpepper Don't worry. I have a permit!!!

    Looks like I might drive again. I can drive there and back for about $350. That would negate car rental and airfare (about $600 combined). Plus I had a great time driving up to Maine last year. Maybe I could whiz through Kentucky and pick up PITH...
  7. hossenpepper

    hossenpepper Don't worry. I have a permit!!!

    True, but he smells awful... :p
  8. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Oh gee - thanks for that! :bad_smelly:
    Maybe there will be a pool and we can do a "debrief" by the pool - that sounds dirty but it's not - that is what they called it when my husband was flying with 437 Squadron.

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...Tracy and I are at the Travelodge in Mansfield on Hanley Road, so is Neesy and her Hubby, Ontario is the "nerve center"...but all are within 10-15 minutes of each other, kinda like a drive from one side of the lake to the other last year Hoss-or from the campground into Bangor...

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...that was just the original idea....until they wouldn't budge on their prices...so I went elsewhere, sorry for the confusion-but it seems to be the fluid nature of the beast...

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...I was big time in la-la land-not personal honey, just busy suckin' the paint of the ceiling with my snores d'voures....

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...didn't seem to bother YOU princess....
  13. jt0565

    jt0565 Well-Known Member

    I'm still not sure what this is all about. I've never been to a kon of any sort but am interested. Can someone give me an idea of what goes on? Does Mr. King make an appearance? etc.....

    I used to live in Wadsworth, Ohio but have not been back since I left in 1979 so it seems like it is time.

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...I went to college with a fella from Wadsworth, who was a very good friend-by the name of Dwight Bowman....as to the Kon-look back a couple of pages to where Spidey put up a link to comments and pics from last year-our FIRST ever Kon...and no Unca Steve doesn't do these events anymore-but we were blessed to have Ms. Mod with us in Maine...this event is simply a way to get as many people together from the Board as circumstances allow, take in the sites of whatever area we are in-especially those King related and enjoy the fellowship of our shared passion and get to know each other as people, rather than personalities on the Interweb...and as I said many a time after the first Kon-everyone was genuinely wonderful-that's what sets this group apart...we have a close bond here, and it carried over to "reality" with nary a glitch...
  15. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    No, but Pennywise will be there, as will Annie Wilkes, Roland Deschain, Paul Sheldon, Carrie etc. (at least in spirit)
    Wow - can you imagine how many would sign up if Stephen King made an appearance? (I think we might need a bigger gathering place).
  16. Agincourt Concierge

    Agincourt Concierge Boober Member

    Teddy and I are staying at a quaint B&B right outside of Mansfield. It's called Angelwood Bed and Breakfast in Lucas, OH., it's like 7 miles away,.....cost is only $83/night ... cheaper than most of the hotels in Mansfield and very scenic.... and sorry we are on our honeymoon .... not sharing my bed ....

    Ebdim9th, Neesy, FlakeNoir and 4 others like this.
  17. fushingfeef

    fushingfeef Uber-in-waiting

    Is there any kind of schedule of events yet? I'm assuming we're going to the prison tour as a group at some preplanned time? We'll look awesome in our orange shirts!
  18. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    I still have to order my orange shirts! Yikes - I better contact Donna and get the ball rolling - thanks for the reminder
  19. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    If anyone has more recent updates, please post.

    This is what I have found thus far:

    ...OK kids....the Reformatory tour will be at 2pm on the 18th, and if we go as a group...it's only 7 bucks a head for a guided tour!!!!...I hope everyone is planning on rolling in Thursday night or early Friday morning...I'm working on getting us a place to meet...worst case scenario, we meet at our hotel...GPS will get ya there easy...

    Additional possibilities for activities:

    ...if you wish to stay somewhere else, that's fine-I'm just trying to get as many of us in one spot as possible to ease getting us all together for group activities...Kingwood Center will be cheap enough, it's five bucks a carload for self-guided tours and Tracy and I know the area well...the Richland Carousel is a buck a ride...not much price change in YEARS!...and the big event, the Prison Tour-will be Friday at a time TBD and it's only seven bucks a head for a guided tour...the ghost tours are ALL booked already and are ridiculously expensive, so as much as I'd like-that won't happen....plenty of buffets like Chinese and Golden Corral for group and family style dining and dozens of other places in the motel area for shopping and dining....there will be no lack of things to do...I am psyched about everybody getting there and getting to know the new faces from this years undertaking

    Am sure Scott will be working on an events schedule soon. Stay tuned!!!
  20. Jojo87

    Jojo87 Prolific member

    Have fun everyone. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. :love: Wish we could attend, but no money and no vacation in July this year. Sorry.
    Please take a lot of pictures, to show to us who can't attend. :m_photo:

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