The SKMB Just Suffered a Beam Quake

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Baseball is a good thing.Always was,always will be
Apr 8, 2016
I was from the the country, also. I live in the country. A mullet was never considered.

Just a bit of advice... don't tell people you had a mullet. Tell them you sported a Missouri Compromise. It confuses them.

And if the thought of having a man-bun crosses you mind... run head first into a brick wall. :)
Man bun?

Had a grown up haircut since they asked me to leave UNC-CH...

Became an adult sir...

Outwardly anyway.


A homeward angel on the fly
Apr 12, 2006
Bremerton, Washington, United States
I tried writing in the url and it still wouldn't have it, just displayed the code with a line across it. I also have no idea how to cut and paste either.
Right-click on the highlighted text or the picture. A menu will pop up. Scroll down and copy image or text. Then right click in the message window here and paste.


Well-Known Member
Jan 24, 2017
Since the Update, i always get a Google Translation Bar at the Top (added a Screenshot)
I always have to click "Disable Translation" if i start this Page and it appears again after every Logout
or Browser re-start.
I can't disable it, in my Firefox Settings....any Chance to disable it in the Board Settings ?


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