The Wizard of Oz

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Aug 2, 2006
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It's possible it was because I was in my mid-20's, but did any one else find the comparisons to TWOO too much? I actually quit reading the series because of this book.
At which point in Wizard and Glass did you stop reading? The homage to Wizard of Oz isn't persistent and the W&G story is its own. Also, sK's homages are found throughout the Dark Tower series, and to me are an integral part of the fantasy, as if similar stories exist in similar Worlds.


Mar 10, 2015
As I said, I was in my mid-20's (in other words... a loooonnnggg time ago! I feel closer to Ralph Roberts than I do to Arnie Cunningham) and I think I was looking for a reason to quit reading it. I found the series on a boat I was working on and for the life of me the only thing I can remember is frustration. I may have to give the series another look.


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Jul 11, 2006
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King has always, always, always used Pop Culture references in his works. What he used from TWOO is perfect because, in the context he uses it, it is disturbing and jarring. I hope now that you've got some years under your belt (like the rest of us here) you can go back and start this wonderful series over and this time be able to enjoy it. It really is an amazing piece of literature. The best is yet to come after WAG.


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Sep 6, 2013
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It wasn't my favorite of the series for sure - but give her another go. After you get beyond Wizard of Oz metaphor, it's the story of Roland and Susan Delgado, and his original Ka-Tet, and it's tragic and lovely and it has the frightful Rhea of the Coos. I'm with muskrat - Wolves was great. I think my least favorite was Song of Susannah, but that's another thread for another day.


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Nov 19, 2011
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I didn't like that Oz stuff either. But the Susan part of the book, holy crow--that's down home Gunslingin. Finish the series. You got Wolves next--if you don't dig that, then son, you just don't dig DT.

WOLVES! :love_heart:

Then we can all speak the same language..

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