The Works of SK Remind Me of the Songs of David Bowie

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Dec 8, 2017
Manchester, England.
I’ve just finished ‘Hearts in Atlantis’ and wished I’d read it a long time ago.

I had a tally up yesterday, and HiA is the 48th SK book that I’ve read. I know that time alters our perception of things, but I’ve got to say it’s one of my top 5 all-time favourites of SK’s books.

If you’ve not read it yet, (it only took me 20 years to get around to it!) I highly recommend that you do.

I believe that one of the hallmarks of great work is that it stands the test of time. And, for me, HiA could have been written yesterday.

The first record I ever bought was; ‘Starman’ by David Bowie. I was about 9 or 10, at the time, and I played it that many times I wore it out.

My point is; I can still listen to that song today, and it gives me just as much pleasure as it did all those years ago.

SK’s work is similar to Bowie’s in that both their output has a timeless quality about it.

My only disappointment with HiA was;

I wish it had been twice as long!

I believe that the ability to evoke the feeling of loss, for previously unknown characters, places, and situations, within people, is one of the most vital for a storyteller, and this book oozes this quality.


I’ve read, on several occasions, that SK is our version of Charles Dickens. Well, IMO, if Dickens was alive today his work wouldn’t be as popular as SK’s.

The competition alone, in this day and age, is far fiercer than it was back then. Besides which, nowadays, virtually every person on the planet is a writer/blogger with their own website.

Thanks SK, for totally absorbing us in new worlds!

Anyway, the next up (for me) is;

‘Full Dark no Stars’

I’m looking forward to it!



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Jun 15, 2007
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