This new British game show seems kind of familiar....

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Sliced Bread

Well-Known Member
Jan 6, 2011
From Scotland, live in Ireland
I watched it, it was actually pretty good. One of them got caught straight away after using an ATM. Rookie error. I've wondered myself if I could pull something like this off, it seems harder than I'd imagined. They hacked phones, email, Facebook, friends and families phones, used number plate recognition software, picked through the people's houses for leads, went through all their documents and personal effects. Ruthless. One guy is heading for the Highlands of Scotland which was my idea too, he seems to be doing alright but while going rural is all well and good but you still need to find food and shelter. Also they'd dug into his history, found he'd had friends up there years ago and discovered from deleted emails he's been in touch with them recently, so the net is closing on him. Good TV!
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