Thoughts on a Re-Read

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Token lunatic
Feb 15, 2008
Somewhere over the rainbow
I buy Stephen King's new books the first day they come out,
Lend them to my sisters later and we talk about
All the things we loved about the story but, I fear,
In the lending process my books - sometimes - disappear.

Recently, two sisters moved and when they went to pack
They found seven books by Steve, of mine, and gave them back.
I can't wait to re-read them now that they've been returned.
First time through I read so fast my retinas got burned.

Second time I read a book I take it nice and slow.
There's no need to rush it because I already know
What is gonna happen, so I'll linger on a phrase
And a book that took me hours then, now lasts for days.

I would list the novels but they're difficult to rhyme;
'though I tried, the words did not come easily this time.
Maybe 'cause the books are clamoring inside my head...
Hard to focus when they all demand to be re-read.


Well-Known Member
Mar 10, 2017
I am re-reading all of the King books right now. I have to say I was not that fond of Misery but on the re-read it blew me away. I find that in the first reading it is easy to miss things.
Misery is one where I saw the movie first. I thought, all things considered, the movie was very well done (I love Kathy Bates and the man who played Paul reminded me of a cherished friend; his smile and the way he carried himself. Not so much the broken legs, hobbling, and being tied to a bed inside of a psychopaths home, though.)
I liked the movie so I read the book, and the book did blow me away. The book was a two day read. Any book that grabs me like that is always worth a re-read, IMO :)
(The Langoliers I saw the movie first, too. And even though it was a cheesy mini-series, I loved it. The very idea of what the Langoliers is all about blows my mind right out of my ear, when you *really* think about it. Plus, there's this, which may or may not be ringtone....)
I'm preparing to re-read IT next. I always save The Shining to read when snowstorm season arrives. Our home is somewhat unconventional in many ways, so the book + being snowed in alone pretty much blows the needle right off the creep factor. Which is awesome.
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