Throwback Thursday!!!

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Mar 2, 2014
If my wife would see this conversation, she say "Tell him the truth how you tricked me into it... it was the drugs." :D
Obviously, my now-wife had to have been suffering under some form of altered thinking to decide to hang around with me. Me, I was too shy with social interactions to even try to find the drugs. The more I think about it, the more improbable it gets.

cat in a bag

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Aug 28, 2010
I have no idea what this is doing on my computer but it's there. I will call this Hammered On A Bus and I've pixelated the innocent. It's from at least 25 years ago after a long day on a cruise ship. This tavern I used to frequent would occasionally do day trips on a cruise ship. They would hire a bus to drive to the port from the bar and we would go on a day cruise which usually consisted of the boat being far enough off shore for the casino to open. It was always a good time. You could hang out in the casino, hang out on deck, hang out at the pool or get a cabin (if you were seasick and wanted to puke in private;-D). But, as you can probably tell from that distant look in my eyes, the recommended daily dosage of alcohol was usually exceeded. You can see the ship out of the bus windows.

:applause: Look how handsome you are!
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