To stand before the Tower...

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Aaron Paul for Eddie, Jim Caviezel for Roland

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New Member
Mar 20, 2008
Hell/New Jersy
I hope I don't get in trouble for this but whatever. I haven't posted on this forum before, but just for the sake of saying it, in my own humble opinion the DT is the greatest story ever written (so far). I've been obsessed with the journey to the tower pretty much my entire life, and its basically spoiled my capability to enjoy most other fiction. Thanks a lot Mr. King, you suck. But I digress. If there is one thing I could ever wish to see with my own eyes, it would be the tower (please keep in mind this is fictional, plenty of nonfictional things I would give my right arm to see). Some of you bookworms may have heard about the nerds building a screen that they are strapping to their faces, called the Oculus Rift. Well, this has presented us with an amazing opportunity. Someday soon, anyone who dares can stand before the tower and climb to the room at the top. This is a fan-based project, will not attempt to make any money off of it, so don't sue me bro. Nor do I ever expect to finish making it into what I imagine it to be, because it would probably take the rest of my life, but I sure as hell will try my best to do it justice: DT.jpg
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