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Apr 4, 2018
I find the biggest problem with Kubricks interpretation, as much as I like it,
is that Dick dies. Cause In the book, Dick ends up being the one who practically saves the day allowing the novel to end up on a somewhat happy note, he was a hero who knowingly risked his life to great extremes to help people in need. In the movie, as soon as he gets to The Overlook he just walks around like an idiot loudly asking if anyone is there when he should know damn well there’s an axe-wielding spooky hotel-possessed person raving around the hotel, allowing Jack to hear him and straight up axe him in the chest! Dick was my favorite character in the book but he just dies in the most pathetic and foolish way in the movie.

Good point. Movie Dick faced none of the ordeals that Book Dick had to endure. He's almost pointless in the movie as a character, except to establish Danny's gift for the audience. I haven't seen the adaptation of Dr. Sleep, if it's out yet, but I'm assuming his character will be alive there, even if only in passing mention.