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Two important deaths spoiled

Discussion in 'Marvel Comics' started by César Hernández-Meraz, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. César Hernández-Meraz

    César Hernández-Meraz Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry

    I'm sad...

    I think it has been some time since I had two particular deaths spoiled for me. Perhaps it was in a comment on the forums, or perhaps it was an article online. But the spoilers had been vague enough so I could try to force myself to ignore them and believe the characters would be fine, so I could be surprised when their time came.

    Fast forward to yesterday. I was going through some comic books and got the Marvel Spotlight issue from 2007 that features The Dark Tower comics. I took it out so I could read it. I had left it untouched back then because I still did not have the novels (just as I bought the comics and left them waiting for after I actually read the original books). Now that I am reading "Wizard and Glass" I should be able to appreciate the contents of this issue.

    But then I read Robin's interview and now it was official. These two important deaths were spoiled in no uncertain way. These characters would die.

    It was okay, I thought, since I already knew that. I just could not ignore it anymore, but it was not something new. Until I kept reading (what else could go wrong?) and a detailed description of one of those deaths followed. :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold:

    Now I will have to try my best to forget that before it actually happens in the books (it will be very hard, as that event apparently marks the point where another important character enters Mid-World).

    Marvel Spotlight editor, or Marvel Spotlight writer who did the interview: Please add spoiler warnings if you or your interviewee reveal such important details. Please. :a17:

    That's all. I needed to vent this... And another sad part about this is that I will now have to wait to finish reading Robin's interview, which is very interesting. If someone here has read it, please let me know if there are further spoilers ahead, or if it is safe to continue reading (for someone who has read the books up until the point Roland first meets Susan).

    Thanks. ;DD

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ....I think you're being a bit harsh my friend....I have all the issues to date of the DT comics, and the common theme that leapt out to me was that these were to be a continuation/extension of the novels and that most who read them, would have long ago finished the series.....there ARE places where Robin essentially said that if you haven't gotten this far in the opus-you shouldn't go on until you had.....
  3. César Hernández-Meraz

    César Hernández-Meraz Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry

    I have not read the comics, actually. I just bought them and have them on hold for the right time.

    And I want to make it clear that I am not saying the interview was bad or that Robin should not have mentioned those deaths. From what I read of it, the interview is really interesting, and I definitely want to go back and read it (again, at the right time).

    But since the Marvel Spotlight magazine (a 52-page ad you actually have to pay for, is worth what you pay, but remains a big ad) usually talks about upcoming projects (back in 2007 those comics were still upcoming, the back cover has the ad for the first mini-series saying "Begins February 2007"), they tend to lack spoilers. It is easier when said projects are about Marvel Comics characters, since they cannot spoil what has not been written yet.

    In this case, the source material already existed, and this caused the opportunity for spoilers. That is why I said an editor or the interviewer should have added a warning (I just double-checked, no warning is there), since a normal reader of their magazine would not expect spoilers at all.
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ....gotcha....I actually have that Spotlight and nary a spoiler found.....
  5. César Hernández-Meraz

    César Hernández-Meraz Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry

    So, after mentioning the details of
    death, is the interview spoiler-free? For someone who is only 200+ pages into "Wizard and Glass".

    If it is, then I will not have to wait to resume reading it. =D

    (As I mentioned before, the interview is very interesting.)
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...I suggest finishing your journey before delving any deeper into the interview...
  7. César Hernández-Meraz

    César Hernández-Meraz Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry

    :a11: :a11: :a11: :a11: :a17:
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