Under The Weather

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May 11, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio
This is one of the stories that really rode high on its execution alone. Plot-wise everything was very easy to anticipate (I even believe SK acknowledged that in the intro to the story, as I recall), but it was a very fantastic build-up to its inevitable conclusion.


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Mar 30, 2011
Yeah in the introduction to "Under the Weather" King says this was one of those stories that he knew how exactly it would end...and that the reader would also know the ending of the story from the start....usually SK says that he prefers not knowing how his stories end and as he is writing the story the ending comes naturally itself....I really enjoyed this one and I liked the idea of "denial"..."love never ends"...

Harmony Wellsprings

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Dec 10, 2015
I loved this one, but then again, I love them all. I read most of this as a sneak peak in one of his other books. For Kindle, I don't know if they do it with paper books, I only buy those rarely nowadays - if it's a first edition, and preferably signed, but they put an excerpt from an upcoming book at the end to entice you and this is the story they used. Making this the second story in the book that I'd already read, but still okay. At least I got to read the ending this time. I need to stop reading those things. I already know I'm getting the book, lol.
I wish the reader could have witnessed the awkward scene of discovery, but imagining it was just as... awkward.
Great read! :)