Very good adaptation

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Oct 31, 2012
Fun to watch? I think it's creepy, especially the ending. I can't say what it is bc I don't know how to attach a spoiler alert.
I like the movie though, if for no other reason than to shut my friend's husband up, who can't stand Johnny Depp just because lots of women "make googly eyes at Johnny Depp." He said Johnny Depp's a talentless actor, then went raving on and on about how his looks are the only thing he has going for him and how he was going to be out of a job when he loses his looks. But I digress.
The ending of Secret Window is burned into my memory probably because of what I now know is an ECU (extreme close-up shot) of the character's body part.
Richard, who's a director of photography, "liked the ECU closing shot."
I thought it made the movie totally creepy, which of course I enjoy anyway or I wouldn't watch horror movies all the time. My mom couldn't understand why I watched horror. Her favorite movie was Gone With the Wind. She watched it every single year.


very avid fan
Aug 7, 2009
dublin ireland
For some reason, this is a really fun one to watch. It not only is based on a good novella, but it also has solid cinematography that creates a nice atmosphere, an appropriate sense of pace, and an overall feeling of entertainment. I enjoy the look of the locations as well.

Whenever it is on, I tend to stop what I am doing and watch. Strangely, I seem to usually forget the changes made to the story in this adaptation of the Four Past Midnight tale, so when I watch it again, it's like watching it new all over again. This is definitely one of the better adaptations.
Agree wholeheartedly.


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May 12, 2017
Denton, TX
I love this one. I was only like 24 and this friend and I were really hung over and a little hair of the dog turned into us being full-blown drunk on the middle of a weekday. The only thing within walking distance to do for fun was the movie theater so we decided to go. He picked this movie, I hadn't read the story at the time and didn't even know it was a King movie. He was going to walk over to his place and change then meet me there. I bought my ticket and waited, but he never showed (passed out) and so I just went and saw it by myself. And I mean by myself, the theater was completely empty except for me. Maybe it was the alcohol but I loved it. However I've seen it many times since, sober, and still loved it.
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