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Oct 28, 2019
Video games from movies are big... yet an rpg is maybe besides the point? Yet might be amazing if too much script has to be original and it can be a side story this way...
Which of King's work though?

I'd say ya:
Running Man Therefore as remake add on
Dark Tower... Well the movie had no depth for a good game, the tv series probably will, but few are the games of tv series?
Trucks... This might world way better as video game, it's like a rebellion against transformers? Therefore as remake add on

I'd say nah
It.. bah.. I'd say don't do it, knowing it's like unstoppable Disney, I've not looked.. I'd rather it be children of the corn... because IT is too limited in scope...
Mist... Would feel too short, especially when the series felt like it was taking forever... I should try it again perhaps... it got sooo slow at the mall... the movie was wonderful better than previews

Basically, I'd encourage action orientated, it's very much a blend of book and movie, it's about time... As, within wrapping up movies and series... seems

Oh, though Netflix has been experimenting on audience input programming... if not video games, that might be fun to play with.. like for things like It... wow



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Apr 29, 2009
Hmm...I could see an MMO being set in the world of The Stand. One could create a character who copes with the collapse and reformation of society, and makes the journey to join one of the two camps.

For those of you unfamiliar, this is how The Lord of the Rings Online plays out. Your human/elf/dwarf/hobbit character battles against the evil of Mordor, but off the main stage of the story. You get to see the Fellowship depart Rivendell, but you don't get to go traipsing after them. You have your own journey to make.



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Mar 20, 2019
Which of King's work though?

Its hard to do games that only have one bad guy. Most games rely on numerous quests where you have to fight different "bosses". However, they could do IT and just have the teens fight Pennywises different forms and lose or win. They could also probably do a game based on Firestarter and have her fight her way through the numerous agents and then overcome mini bosses here and there. I wouldn't go with an over the top game like Skyrim though, I'd go the simple route like they did with the latest Stranger Things game. It was fun to play and had lots of puzzles and challenges but wasn't a big production.

I imagine by now someone has already done a mod for Fallout 4 where you do fight Pennywise. There was a Michael Myers mod for Fallout 3 where you had to run or fight Michael and he was nearly unstoppable.
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