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Oct 20, 2009
Southern Wisconsin
King on Revival
Posted: August 12, 2013, 14:59:26
During his recent event at the Mark Twain House event in Hartford, King had this to say aboutRevival:

The main character is a kid who learns how to play guitar, and I can relate to this guy because he's not terribly good. He's just good enough to catch on with a number of bands and play for a lot of years. The song that he learns to play first is the song that I learned to play first, which was 'Cherry, Cherry' by Neil Diamond. One of the great rock progressions: E-A-D-A.

:m_love: Oh yeah...2014 is gonna be a good year!


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Jan 2, 2013
KY, deep in the country
Um - okay - I know there aren't any real puppies in it - that sounds to me like a military expression - were you ever in the service?
Nope, just really country haha. Growing up in a really religious home in Eastern KY gave me a real interest in religion in general(various connotations others have with religion and religious groups), and this book right in my neck of the woods.
Oct 17, 2013
I preferred Mr. Mercedes myself but I was one of those who thought Joyland was meh so a matter of personal taste not because the writing was better for one over the other. :)
I feel better now...thought i was alone on Joyland. For some odd reason i could never finish Joyland. The writing was great, but it just never quite had enough speed to get me over the hill. I felt like there was way too much description about that kid sweating and running around in a dog suit.....i was waiting and waiting for the murder portion and it never came. Guess i should give it another run in the future. It actually took me several different trys to get into the stand. Once i got some traction the book flew by, but the first 2-3 trys were not successful.
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