What are you watching right now?

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Sep 8, 2011
The Netherlands
I'd be happy if Netflix would just spend a wee bit of their profits to fix their bloody menu. I hate that it's so random and disorganised. I even have trouble finding stuff on my own list. There were films/series that I forgot I added, on account of their stupid menu that's not even sorted alphabetically. Then the shows got removed. Sigh.
Yes, it's a complete mess.Without the search option I would be completely lost.

It also keeps some series in my list of 'continue watching' that I finished long ago (I never seem to get rid of 'Slasher'). And I always have to check if I'm at the right episode, because it sometimes jumps an episode ahead.
And I like to watch endtitles because it lets you relax for a moment before watching the next episode. But you have to be ready with the remote because you sometimes only have a few seconds to indicate you want to see endtitles.

Netflix offers an over-abundance of content, and it does so in a very chaotic way. Although I must say a lot of menus of interactive tv in general are relatively random, messy and user-unfriendly.
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