What are you watching right now?

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Jan 24, 2017
Watched Picard yesterday.

A wonderful start.
Great Actors, Patrick Stewart embodies J.L.Picard as always.
It is all so familiar but also new.

Don`t expect TNG 2.0.
This Star Trek (Picard) is more sinister.

Far from just being a nostalgia-ridden vehicle for Patrick Stewart, Picard is brilliant – it's fun, imaginative and full of the ethical quandaries that made The Next Generation such a great watch, along with a newly involving, emotional and thematically rich story that acts both as a sequel to the world of TNG and a comment on our own society. Already, I'm desperate to see more


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Sep 8, 2011
The Netherlands
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series 3.

This is always my quickest watch on Netflix. Just three days or so. They have rather upscaled it: the scope is bigger than before and moves out of Greendale to other places like Scotland, Riverdale (from its sister series), a carnival outside town and of course Hell itself. The production design and set decoration look better than ever, I just constantly want to pause it to see all the details.
Also they included a lot of singing and dancing, and it even has its own music video. Plus there is a helpful, extensive recap by the actors themselves - so often you go into a new season of a series having forgotten a lot of what happened before because of the time that passed.

Storywise it is ok, although it has a bit of a 'seen that before' feel to it. There is the fight who gets to rule Hell with Sabrina going up against new character prince Caliban with a contest over the finding of three legendary artifacts. There is a new group of pagan witches who stand against the Satanic witches and who want to bring back their own god, the Green Man, and let plant life take over. And the finale uses the familiar trope of going far into the future where everything has changed for the worse, and how are they gonna bring it all back to how it was.
They also throw in some Lovecraft with the character of Father Blackwood calling on the Eldritch terrors, although not too much detail is revealed about it yet and it will most likely be explored more in the next season.
And a lot of characters die, although death is relative in this series.

It all lacks a little originality, but the visual execution is so good that it doesn't really matter in the end.


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Jun 24, 2009
I am also watching the third season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I agree with the post above that the visuals are great. I really enjoy it. I like the story and I am curious about what happens next, and I just love the way they show witches.

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Aug 28, 2010
We've been watching Schitt's Creek on netflix here and there. Just into seas 2. It is way over the top but it makes me laugh out loud. Love all the actors except the girl playing the daughter but even she is good. I think my dislike of her is because she is very convincing as the clueless rich girl. I am really loving Catherine O'Hara's clueless rich woman though. They are all hilarious, the whole cast.


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Jun 24, 2009
Gonna finish Sabrina tomorrow and will continue watching Fuller House. Last year I watched the whole Full House aand I am a big fan of it now. Now Netflix is doing its continuation, Fuller House, 5 seasons for now (they say it's over but you can never be sure). I am done with 3 and a half, still have a lot of fun ahead. I find it worse than the original show, of course, but still rather ebjoyable (though, I hated the 1st season, but I loved the 2nd and the 3rd).


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May 15, 2018
Wayoftheredpanda Have you seen the new show Lego Masters on Fox? It is pretty neat to watch the teams build stuff just based on their ideas. I could not do it.
Yes, it seems like a cool idea and there are some cool builds, however I hate how Americanized it is, the reality show format of it annoys me so I stopped watching.