What are your reading goals for this summer?

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Jan 19, 2009
So what is everyone else's reading to do goals for this summer from June to August, little bit of September if you read slow.

My reading goals to do list

I still need to buy Sleeping Beauties
read Stephen King's Outside
re-read Duma Key
re-read hardcover of Under the Dome. My main goal which gets sidetracked
read horror novels from PInnacle book company where Ive bought the books from Dollar General stores. Sleep Tight its about bed bugs along with Joe McKinney's zombie books
read Anne Rice's Memnoch the Devil
read the many old and new Star Wars novels ive bought over the past months even up to this month. Alot to read.
Try to read Ken Follet's PIllars of the Earth book 1 and the other book. Dunno if I even want to read them since Ken Follet books are hard to get itno
binge read the trade paperbacks of DC Rebirth Green Lanterns, Batman and Rebirth Flash.
read the new comics of Image Comics ive bought from Snotgirl to Regression and Gideon Falls and Walking Dead


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Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio
...no real goals, just move from one to the next....right now I'm engaged in reading books about the paranormal here in Ohio-then I have several short story collections to backstroke through....
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