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What did you guys think of "Bag of Bones"?

Discussion in 'Bag of Bones' started by Tamou, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

    I loved Insomnia and I loved Ralph. Second SK book to make me cry.
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  2. Tamou

    Tamou Well-Known Member

    Yes he did! I actually really enjoyed the book Insomnia, I wouldn't list it as a favorite though. I agree that Ralph was a good character (then again, aren't they all?) ;)
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  3. Rrty

    Rrty Well-Known Member

    For me, the problem with Bag of Bones is that, once you look back on it after reading it, it doesn't amount to a whole lot. In the end, it is a simple urban legend, almost. The same thing happened to me after I read Duma Key -- it was a lot of writing supporting too simple a concept. Juxtapose these books with something like It; after you read It, you don't soon forget it (or It, for that matter). It's been a while since I've read Bones, but I seem to recall a character in there that I thought was going to turn out to be a witch, but didn't; if my memory serves, my confusion may have come from the dust-jacket description. Now that would have been cool.

    Going back to Duma Key, for a second, I have to say that the book begged to be written in the third person. That might have made it more substantial. But in the end, both Bones and Key lacked the profundity of an It, and probably should have existed as works with a significantly smaller amount of letters.
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  4. RichardX

    RichardX Well-Known Member

    One thing that bugged me about Insomnia was using the abortion debate as a plot mechanism and portraying those that were pro-choice as evil. It seemed a little heavy handed and reminded me too much of the us against them mentality that is on display in politics. It also struck me as unrealistic to have an entire town in an uproar over the topic. I know there are a few people on both sides that are extremists on the topic, but most people are well-intentioned in their views or have no opinion whatsoever.
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  5. Churches are the only place to gather socially in some small rural towns. I don't think it would be unusual for the townfolk to think alike.
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  6. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    loved insomnia, my favourite character was Ralph roberts read it 6-7 times
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  7. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    loved the main character, loved mattie loved the book read it about 10 times. think i know the tr-90 backwards
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  8. mustangclaire

    mustangclaire There's petrol runnin' through my veins.

    I haven't read this one yet (shock, horror, gasp!!). I must get it. I loved Insomnia. It makes me cry every time I read it.
  9. Angelo Bottigliero

    Angelo Bottigliero Well-Known Member

    You do have to read it, it's (obviously) very good :)
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  10. EMARX

    EMARX Well-Known Member

    I've read this one multiple times and I think it's the relationship between Ralph and Lois that gets it's hooks in me. And it's also the book that made me begin to see the scope and the inter-connectedness of King's fictional universe.
  11. guido tkp

    guido tkp Well-Known Member

    loved it...then i went and read Liseys Story, on which i had procrastinated, just as the OP had here...and loved it...

    did not like Insomnia quite so much at the time: one day, i will reread it in hopes of...still, it's the only King book i ever got intensely bored with...while it started somewhat strong, i found it got rambling, incoherent and silly as it went along

    as a person who lived near Wichita Ks during the Summer of Mercy...yes...a whole town can come to quite an odd place over issues deemed by some as nothing more than todays 'hot topics'...relationships and friendships wrecked and destroyed...buildings blown up...even people shot... killed...
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  12. Chazel1972

    Chazel1972 Well-Known Member

    I agree with that. I enjoyed BOB, I read it too fast, should probably go back and read it again sometime. I hate it when I read too fast.
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  13. Chuggs

    Chuggs Well-Known Member

    I love Bag of Bones...it's one of my favorites. I also like the film. Duma Key is another of my favorites. Insomnia wasn't one of my favorites, but it has its moments.
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  14. bigkingfan91

    bigkingfan91 Well-Known Member

    I never finished Insomnia, just couldn't hold interest long enough. I was much younger though and it was probably over my head so I need to re read it soon! Is the movie related to the book, or 2 completely different pieces?

    I loved Bag of Bones, also loved the movie on TV as well. I need to re read that one as well sometime.

    Have yet to read Duma Key but starting it soon. From some descriptions it seems like a very complex type of story, hopefully it turns out to be a little more "easy" to read & comprehend lol.
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  15. Ben.

    Ben. Well-Known Member

    I loved the story when it was centred on Mike. I get that Max Devore and Co. were essential to the plot/back story, but I found their characters to be caricatures and therefore not as threatening as they could have been. That said, the part where
    they try and drown Mike
    was quite scary.
  16. Walter Oobleck

    Walter Oobleck keeps coming back...or going, and going, and going

    My wife gave me a copy of this one for Christmas 2006...paperback...as well as Hearts and another...Cell maybe or From a Buick 8. I liked this one so much that I made one message that I posted on a message board...and if you read the words spelled out by the first letter of each line on the far right it spelled out a message. Not like listening to Beatles' records or spinning them backwards to hear the Ovaltine jingle, but fun. Maybe I made two messages. Guilt in the green...that was my message...something to do w/Nietzsche and the eternal recurrence or angst...or more likely I didn't know what I was writing about, but fun. I take little trips through stories and when I pass a scene remarkable I make a note of it and when I see a like-king exchange in another story, that's fun. Ummm...m-p-t-a-e...must not be a message. Maybe it's a cheer? Um-pity?
  17. Jam I Am

    Jam I Am Member

    I loved it :) I read it a while ago and still think about the characters and Dark Score lake.. will def re-read one day. I would always recommend Duma Key to people who enjoyed Bag Of Bones
  18. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    I agree his characters are so lifelike. He sometimes has things happen to your favourite character that you don't like. I loved Mike, After i watch(i know haven't seen it yet) BOB on tv, I am gonna marry The woman who plays Jo. Kyra was cute and mattie loved her. I have read this book a number of times , never get tired of it and i think Buddy Jellison is making me a Burger for free for being such a regular in the Village Cafe. AT this stage, I have said it before i know the TR-90 like the back of my hand. But then we could say that about Derry.
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  19. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    Does it matter if it is horror or suspense he writes, his books are excellent, anything that can get a young person to read a book is good rather then spend 10 hours playing computer games. Hey i don't mean not play computer games not as much, couple hours then read for a while. There is a sentence in one of his uk books, that say he has got a generation to read. That can't be bad. I actually prefer to read a (physical) book rather than play computer games. Instead of playing the game I would be analysing how this works, what equations etc.
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  20. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    You are so right about a physical book being better for your mind. Even the glare from an E-book affects you negatively. That is why for people who have trouble sleeping it is recommended not to use a computer, smartphone, tablet or even an E-Reader because of the light coming from the screen. A good old fashioned book is the way to go. I like to read a (real) book every night before bed as it actually helps me sleep better.
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