What If Jake was a second shooter?

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New Member
May 8, 2016
Russia, Moscow
This idea was born at the end of 11.22.63 as alternative the end of the story, and I hope you understand my “Russian English”.

After rescuing the President Jake came back to 2016, full of destructions, and decided to cancel all changes by back again to the past. But if he was not able to cancel it?

The only way that he would have to do is go in the 1960s, do all that was in his power to prevent the destructions and stay in the past forever. So Jake would have to meet with Oswald, become his friend, help him in the murder of the President and go down in history as the second shooter that was in the book Depository that day.

It would be like on destiny. The discovery of a portal to the past and Jake's journey was meant to be.


Gentle Lady From Brady Hartsfield Defense Squad
Mar 3, 2016
Manila, Philippines
Hi and welcome dear, i love this 11/22/63 theory of yours.
If Jake maybe realize this "Operation : prevent the Kennedy assassination" is wrong and he realize that "maybe" (i'm not saying that Kennedy was a bad president) Kennedy was meant to die because of what happend to the other thread, this theory would be true IF he did not listen to the new card man and continue to live there and help oswald after he returned to cancel the previous timeline, where he save Kennedy. (He has an option to stay at the rabbit hole or to return at the present time, but the only thing is when he return, he should never go back because you know, it will cancel)

Ps. This theory is exciting actually, in my own thoughts


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Feb 16, 2012
I find your theory interesting.

While reading a book, I always have ideas or where I think the story might go. With this book I wondered if somehow Jake would end up being the second shooter.
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