What is History Channel ?

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May 24, 2018
Call it a crazy, just after finishing 11/22/63. Right now on history channel, "JFK Assassination: The Definitive Guide" is on.. I can picture both Jake and Sadie on 6th floor and Jake trying to take out Oswald.. Sorry Forum friends for all posts:) this book sparked and brought back my wanting to read more:inspect::inspect:


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Sep 26, 2006
Unfortunately, when it comes to the JFK assassination there are a lot more kooky conspiracy books than credible accounts. The Vincent Bugliosi book is probably the definitive account. "Reclaiming History" runs to about 1500 pages but there is a shorter version called "Four Days in November" that covers the basics.


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May 24, 2012
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Welcome - I used to have this great pic of Al's Diner with a Welcome to the Board sign on it - unfortunately cannot post it now the changes have taken place.

Welcome to SKMB - Loved that book 11/22/63
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