what it means to you?

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Aug 26, 2017
I am almost to the end. I am not there yet. I was thinking about the rose and the tower. I wanted to know what people thought about it. Was there deeper meaning to them? Or did you feel they are what they seem to be. Now this is before you got to the end. I am wondering if the end will explain it...or leave it up to me or will just haft to see.

Now since I am asking others for their thoughts I should answer with my own. No wrong or right answer. It has good and evil. But I am not so sure it that clear cut. To me it seems about what your willing to give and to take. It hard to put in to words..But like the tower is balance of the world. What were willing to do to get to that end. the rose what were willing to give to save and do....But bleah I can be sooo wrong in that view....But I really want to know what others thought it was before they got to the end....Or if i am thinking to much
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