What question would you ask Stephen?

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Jan 9, 2012
I had hoped that my question would be asked..but I honestly wanted to ask him about the experience of collaborating with one's child.. it must be very cool--and as part of this, how was working with Joe and Owen different.
--I would also ask if he and Tabby ever thought of collaborating on a novel.
--Lastly, I wanted to ask Owen that, despite the fact that Sir King is simply "Dad" to him, was he a bit intimidated/scared/hesitant to edit his father's work or make suggestions. I thought of how it feels to tell my father that his way might not be the best and/or suggest something...often feels wrong in some way.. I was curious if Owen experienced this.

I bet you loved the show--those two are hilarious!


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May 12, 2017
Denton, TX
"Who is your favorite stalker"?

If he had any sense it would be me but I'm guessing he's one of those a-holes who would bet on Richards.

(Pictured: A-hole)

I actually don't know what I'd ask him. I'm not all that interested in the art of writing so I wouldn't ask technical questions, I'd probably ask something about what happened to such and such character or some sort of story detail clarification. In all honesty I probably wouldn't even think to ask a question if I just met him randomly, I'd just gush like a moron about how badass his books are.
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