Where can I see this?

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Jan 31, 2008
So who do I have to sleep with to watch this? I think this is the only SK related thing I haven't seen. Tried Netflix, looked at Amazon Prime, it never seems to be on TV.

They don't have it at my only video store (small town) and I even tried the library with their sharing program with other area libraries. I don't buy many titles, but it is looking like that may be my only route.

Any other services to rent or view free legally? I guess I haven't tried the Redbox outside of the local Walgreens.

Two posts in one day! I'm on a freakin' roll!!!


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Feb 26, 2008
is this not what you're looking for? Amazon.
Amazon.com: Nightmares & Dreamscapes - From the Stories of Stephen King: William H. Macy, William Hurt, Kim Delaney, Jeremy Sisto, Ron Livingston, Tom Berenger, Henry Thomas, Richard Thomas, Samantha Mathis, Claire Forlani, Eion Bailey, Steven Weber, Rob Bowman, Brian Henson, William Haber: Movies & TV



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Jan 31, 2008
Well upon further research, our library system DOES have a copy of it. I am waiting for it to be shipped from another library, so i should have it soon.

Thank you GNTLGNT for the YouTube idea. I don't like watching long videos on the computer, but probably would have had I not rechecked the library after some advice from a friend.

blunthead - Thank you for the offer as well. (male, to answer your question)

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Feb 21, 2017
I own this.

And my heart! :) Okay, let me lead you people thru the damn darkness. For $40 or $44 dollars with tax, you can go to best-buys and buy the Amazon fire stick the kids all crave so much. Install the Kodi android App. Install Exodus. Or buy a "busted out" fire stick from Ebay for about $79. The Nightmares & Dreamscapes episodes are available there. I think there's like six. My next day off, or perhaps the one after, I'm going to binge watch those puppies. This aside, the fire stick is beyond wonderful. It's worth the price just to be able to watch old ABC TV movie of the weeks off youtube right on your teevee. I mean, damn!
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