Which character do you wish

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Aug 9, 2016
Stephen King would write more about?

I totally lifted this from the Answer the Question game.

Me too krf! And Cort - I'm just a little bit into Wind Through the Key Hole, and I'm hoping there's a little more about Cort in there.

But Rhea of the Coos - I bet that could be a really creepy scary historical kind of story. (something like Anne Rice's The Witching Hour).

Blaine the Mono...I wanna know if he is a sadistic clone of Thomas...
Sep 25, 2016
Roland Deschain and Jack Sawyer...in the same book...pretty please???
Ok I'm not gonna lie that would be the bomb but I keep seeing this new novel in dark tower or after but connected in my head .. it has jack, Eddie and ( this is where it gets weird) Alan pangborn of needful things because I think pangborn is who Roland is in this world, but dig, Eddie is not the gunslinger we met but still is of the line of eld-see at some point a very small mention is made of the three ways of the eld- the way of the gun, the sword and the ship- I believe the Eddie who Suze finds is born to follow the way of the ship. Of course if it actually got written we'd see Roland briefly as well because I see Roland as the danger.. he will never renounce the tower but what if he becomes corrupted by the drive to achieve it, as he began to already.. he was healed and redeemed by his ka- tet but what happens on the next cycle? What happens when he finds the dark tower with a dark heart, and is there any way to save him from inheriting those damn red eyes, waiting for him to become Los, the new ( or, hell , maybe the original) crimson king?
Roland Deschain and Jack Sawyer...in the same book...pretty please???
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