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Which Stephen King's book makes you feel good?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Questions' started by BeverleyMarsh, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. mjs9153

    mjs9153 Guest

    The girl who loved Tom Gordon,for one,though lots already mentioned..Tricia was such a hard fighter,she tried so to be brave and was such a good kid,couldn't help pulling for her..though it is a quick easy read,I enjoyed it and have reread it at least five times..way to hang in there Tricia! :clap:
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  2. Angelo Bottigliero

    Angelo Bottigliero Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. They ALL make us feel good, but a feelgood book? No such thing from mr. King. I do agree 11/22/63 comes closest
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  3. Lina

    Lina Committed member

    I feel good reading any SK book... As about a book that makes me feel good, that would be more difficult. I think it would be Joyland, too. It is a rather positive book. Also, for me it's The Shining... Well, probably the ending cannot be called a good one, but still this book somehow makes me believe I can cope with many difficult moments in my life.
  4. BertG

    BertG New Member

    The 2 books that made me feel the best were IT, and The Stand. I get goose bumps even thinking about those.
  5. MadamMack

    MadamMack M e m b e r

    You guys just made me feel good! Great thread and posts.

    And @BeverleyMarsh . . .she's hooked.
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  6. Viktorija

    Viktorija Member

    Hmm, it's a difficult question... Usually, the books of Stephen King end kind of positively. I mean, with the triumph of Good over Evil. Or at least there's hope in the end. But he's not that kind of author who would finish his books with the before mentioned "happily ever after".
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  7. BeverleyMarsh

    BeverleyMarsh Well-Known Member

    Totally agree, I feel the same happiness even when he makes me cry, because like you say even in his darkest stories, when the light shines, it's really bright and is such a relief. Even in the darkest plots, you have the feeling that SK takes your hand and accompany you all the way.
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  8. Lisey Landon

    Lisey Landon Well-Known Member

    I feel good about most of his books. But I loved Lisey's Story especially. Even though it is sad, it is also a very strong story of love and loyalty and courage. Also the love story in 11/22/63 is so powerful. It made me cry - and I never cry over books! Good luck with giving advice! :)
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  9. Barlow73

    Barlow73 Member

    Agree with you Lisey. I always feel good while I'm reading one of SK's books. I have, what is almost like, an anxiety in that I get completely lost in the plot and I have a sense of urgency that I will not reach the last page quickly enough! Then when it's finished, I feel sad..............
    Very excited about Mr. Mercedes now though!!! Does anybody know if SK has ever/will ever visit Ireland?? He is one of the few people in the world that I would love to meet.
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  10. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    We had to stop to refuel at Shannon Airport on our way back from his European book tour last fall but I'm guessing that doesn't count. ;)
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  11. mjs9153

    mjs9153 Guest

    Especially after Michael Clark Duncan passed so unexpectedly last year..when he was scared and Tom Hanks was trying to comfort him,man,that was tough..

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...I have no particular "feel good" novel, from King or otherwise...my sense of fulfillment and "feelgoodness" if you will, stems from a well-crafted novel and clever wordsmithing...
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  13. BeverleyMarsh

    BeverleyMarsh Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for the video. Can't watch it with the sound now because I'm at work :a11: but as soon I get home, I will watch it, cheers and have a great day.
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  14. Jojo87

    Jojo87 Prolific member

    Under the Dome is one book that make me feel good and I am not even halfway yet into Dr Sleep but I am sure that's gonna be
    another one.
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  15. Christine62

    Christine62 Well-Known Member

    We folks, especially in this instant cocoa culture, don't want to work for anything. We sit back and want to have our images manipulated to set off pings of feeling--top that off with a stuffed crust pizza and 44 ounce soda and call it a day. We live an existence where life happens to us and we call it living--no effort required. We don't like effort, it's just too hard.

    What makes me happy about Mr. King's novels and short stories is that you can read them and get those pings of feeling on a superficial level and move on to the next one if you like --they are, everyone, great reads. But....if you step back and look, and watch and think about them they always contain something deeper. Sometimes they float to the surface by often you have to dig them out. What makes me feel good about reading his novels and short stories is that he makes me work to get past all the dark stuff or the supernatural smoke and mirrors to what he is saying about who we are as a culture.

    From A Buick 8 was the novel for me that changed the way I looked at Mr. King not as a Horror writer but a Human writer.
    And of course his writing always makes me feel good because he just blows the language in so many different directions like a Pollock painting but the speckles of paint always form a perfect picture of something you recognize.
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  16. Lisey Landon

    Lisey Landon Well-Known Member

    :clap: Exactly!
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  17. BeverleyMarsh

    BeverleyMarsh Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree more
    Tom Hanks being awesome. Hadn't seen that video, Thanks a lot for sharing :)
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  18. fushingfeef

    fushingfeef Uber-in-waiting

    Many of SK's books are at times heartbreaking and life-affirming at once.

    Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
    The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
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  19. DiO'Bolic

    DiO'Bolic Not completely obtuse

    Makes me feel good? The one book in my collection that he actually signed – "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon." I never plan on selling it, but let’s be honest, it’s better than money in the bank.
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  20. BeverleyMarsh

    BeverleyMarsh Well-Known Member

    :clap::clap::clap: from me too !

    I could never have put it so well but you have just expressed exactly how I feel about SK's writing. And like you I don't mind doing a little work to get the full enjoyment of a well crafted story. When my housemate made that request, I thought it was a shame really. Why would you want to know if it's going to make you feel good? Wouldn't the expectation of it being a positive read spoil the party a little? I know it would for me. I like to be taken by surprise, and don't particularly care for a comfortable story, and that's also what I like about his writing, there are no safeguards and you just never know if the next few pages are about to bring you agony, despair, horror, fear, joy, or laughter ,you just enjoy the ride! Thanks for sharing :)
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