Who did Pennywise traumatise the worst?

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Jan 3, 2018
I'd say Pennywise had a good go at all of them, but I'd say that Stan was singled out for special treatment, and it shattered the poor Jewish boy's ordered and organised and practical thoughts and left him a nervous wreck.

I mean, Stan is tormented first by Judith, the painted lady with the flute several times (so he admits to his fellow Losers) in the following conversation:

"Or the woman I-I keep seeing."
"Is she hot?"
"No, Richie! She's not hot! Her face is all messed up...!" (shudders)

I can just imagine Judith popping up several times over a few weeks, in new and varied ways as to keep Stan frightened. And then, in the final confrontation, Stan is separated by IT and is stuck in a room in the sewer with only his flashlight, which IT uses to scare him badly as Judith rushes towards his flashlight glare, mouth opening wide to reveal lots of teeth.

Then the other Losers find IT chomping down on Stan's face, and think about that: Stan has no choice but to breathe in IT's horrible stagnant foul breath or suffocate, and who knows what else happened at that moment. It's really sad how, when he's freed, he blames the others for leaving him whilst they apologise profusely, and from what I saw and heard, the child actors were all crying during that scene.

In the end, I think that Stan's "I hate you" directed at Bill was justified, and he really meant it, but he then smiled as to not worry the others, he is the first one to leave after the blood oath and he disappears (passage of time transition, but it's a good indication as to what happens to him later)

In all, whilst I love Eddie the most, Stan is a close second, because he is one of King's most tragic characters.
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Nov 21, 2014


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Mar 20, 2019
I'd opt for Stan who chose suicide rather than facing It again or Bill who had to endure the agony of losing his brother and then still had to face It again.

I looked around online and it seems like they're not going to have Stan kill himself in the film and that it may actually be one of the others. But time will tell. If he does do himself in, it'll be a tie.