Who should play Dan Torrance?

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Jul 17, 2014
Im Dan and i just read the "Doctor sleep".
I tried to use the appropriate thread but was redirected here due to me being new on this board.
It's all good, I just need to get this off my chest :)

Who should play Dan Torrance in a potential movie ?
Jared Leto is your man for the lead.
After having watched Jared Leto in "Dallas buyers club", I feel he has abundantly the depth and haunting intensity needed to play Danno.
Also he has the ability to be the serious caring brother with the weight of the world on his shoulders and a bag of demons in tow.
Abra has to have a believable rock against whom she confides her deepest horrors.
Depp is simply not deep enough for this one.. Too much cap'n Jack with a scoff.
A close second candidate might be Casey Affleck.