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Why Salems Lot is the scariest book of Stephen King

Discussion in ''Salem's Lot' started by John13, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. staropeace

    staropeace Richard Bachman's love child

    The night I read Salems, I read all of it. No sleep for me. I thought Stephen was God. I loved the movie version, too. It scared the liver and lights out of me.
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  2. grin willard

    grin willard Grin. Boasting a profile u could cut cheese with.

    Pleaze, yer a kid. Or photograph well! Which is really, the same thing. I only had four hrs sleep last nite, unless you count in how many times I hit the snooze. Which was a lot! And I worked 2 jobs & am still awake, and fairly energetic. And I had nightmares! Maybe nightmares don't affect quality of sleep. I don't know. It's still REM. Well I'm up 19 hrs awake. And I'm drinking a Stoli & ginger ale and am about to eat a popsicle!
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  3. Chelle71

    Chelle71 Well-Known Member

    LOL smoke and mirrors baby!
  4. Great Dane

    Great Dane Well-Known Member

    Sleep is highly rated at any age. I rate it a 10.

    : )

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...not hardly dear heart.....
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  6. Chelle71

    Chelle71 Well-Known Member

    Aw you are to kind Scott ;)
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  7. Chelle71

    Chelle71 Well-Known Member

    Me too! I tend to babble without it, you know like random thoughts just don't stay random when I have no sleep, they all pour out my mouth...non nonsensical ****e :D
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ....I know you now-I knew you when.....:love_heart:
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  9. Doc Creed

    Doc Creed Well-Known Member

    The Dane needs his rest after a day filled with raping, pillaging, and murdering.
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  10. Chelle71

    Chelle71 Well-Known Member

    And probably for a long time to come :love:
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  11. Great Dane

    Great Dane Well-Known Member

    You forgot plundering. LMAO

    *yawn* I'm bushed.
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  12. grin willard

    grin willard Grin. Boasting a profile u could cut cheese with.

    And smoking! Smoking eels that is. The Danes love their smoked eels.

    "Get back to work, Great Dane! Them eels ain't gonna smoke themselves!"

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  13. FlakeNoir

    FlakeNoir Original Kiwi© SKMB® Moderator

    My aunty had 2 Great Danes... "King" & "Cleo"... they were indeed great.
  14. The Bishop

    The Bishop Active Member

    Salem's Lot is probably the scariest King book after It. But it's definitely on par with It in other areas. It's one of the most special and memorable reads I've ever had, and when I think about my all-time favorite King books, Salem's Lot is always one of the first few that come to mind.
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  15. Ben.

    Ben. Well-Known Member

    Salem's Lot is a little like Ghost Story by Peter Straub. Pure atmospheric terror.
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  16. Great Dane

    Great Dane Well-Known Member

    Salem's Lot certainly left an impression on me as a child. I wouldn't say it warped me, as I was already into things like the Universal monster movies and reading Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. It was definitely an eye opener in terms of what I thought vampires were all about.
  17. Yankees fan 27

    Yankees fan 27 Active Member

    I read Salem's Lot again recently after reading it the first time 30 yrs ago! It holds up well, but it was never one of my favorites. Scariest for me would be Pet Sematary and The Shining. Christine was a scary read too.
  18. mjs9153

    mjs9153 Peripherally known member..

    If you like atmospheric ghost stories check this out.. a short one only about half an hour.
  19. Brittney

    Brittney Active Member

    i know this thread is old but i just wanted to add that i thought this book was quite scary and i did get a little spooked at night after reading it. But i had to remind myself vampires arent real...or are they..hehe

    Side note i do agree pet cemetery had me on edge as well. I haven't read it since i was a kid, I think its time for a reread. :)
  20. Michael Flagg

    Michael Flagg New Member

    I've found this to be one of the best of his early books.

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